In the fifteenth century, in full discovery of Brazil, the place was inhabited by Indians Caetés where predominated trafficking of Brazil wood. Thereafter, until the end of the sixteenth century, the place was abandoned because the Indians did not leave out the sugar timber or place, but returned in the eighteenth century with the clandestine landing of slaves.

Previously, Porto de Galinhas was called Puerto Rico, due to the extraction of Pau Brazil. When the slaves came to be sold, smuggled, were hidden under crates of chickens d’Angola. The arrival of slaves in the seaside was announced by the password “has new chicken in Porto.” Because of this, Puerto Rico became known as Port of “chickens”. Hence arose the name of Porto de Galinhas.

The liveliest beach of Pernambuco is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil and abroad. Porto de Galinhas, a seaside resort south coast of Pernambuco who was elevated to the constellation of popular beaches next to Buzios (RJ), Maresias (SP), Joaquina (SC) and Pipa (RN) began his journey to success in 1980 with the opening of the subdivision Corner Porto de Galinhas.

At the time, the owners of Farm Merepe opened, literally, the gates that separated the district Our O to the resort. To reach the beach of Porto de Galinhas, had to cross the family farm Armando Brito, where there were really two gates enclosing the property.


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